chicken_pat_pie (chicken_pat_pie) wrote,

No Name Kitty

I recently told the orange ping pong ball joke on a teeter totter to a man named Homesless Dave (who is - oddly enough - a homeowner). I also discussed my newest injury + one argument for the assertion that the woman who claims to be my biological mother is not who she says she is. You can read about it here:

There is now one more cat living in our house than there was a week and a half ago. Jamie groundscored the cat from the apartment complex at her work and nobody can decide on a name. When she made fliers that said something to the effect of: "I found this cat and I really want to keep it - Call me if it's yours and you don't mind" she received a reply to the effect of: "Um, yeah, that was our cat you found. It bit our mother so we let it go. You can keep it if you want. God bless."


[insert evil laughter]

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