chicken_pat_pie (chicken_pat_pie) wrote,

just in case one of them breaks

I'm pretty sure there's approximately 4 million things I'm supposed to be doing today that I am completely forgetting about. I know that I am supposed to finish writing the book that is taking me way longer to write than I ever would have imagined possible, and I know I'm supposed to feed Meowy + Toby and change their litter and water them and whatnot, and I know I have to remember to find a new telephone before I leave this weekend, but I can't remember the other 3,999,997 things I am supposed to do. I blame all of my forgetfullness on the wonderful weekend I had during Lindsay and Isiah's commitment ceremony in Columbus. It was incredible to be around all of my amazing friends and to have so much fun preparing and performing the ceremony. Even the rain and lightening wanted to come and watch Lindsay and Isiah commit themselves to each other!

The wonderful weekend also lightened the load of the bad news I received on Friday. You see, I've been planning for some time to depart on a tour for a couple months. I am leaving this weekend to play shows on the east coast. A few weeks ago I decided that I should see the doctor for my left leg before I go as I was having a difficult time walking or standing on it for any length of time and my ankle still looked pretty much exactly the same as it did when I sprained it this summer. The first appointment I made was with a nurse practitioner and it ended with a trip to the emergency room so the vascular technicians could perform an ultrasound on my leg and make sure there were no blood clots in it. I had to make another appointment with my pcp (primary care physician) for last Friday. Unfortunately - as I had secretly feared - my leg is in a little worse shape than I wanted to admit to myself and it now appears as if said leg will require surgery before the end of the year. As a result, I have to cut my travel plans short as I have several appointments with various doctors and the like in the next couple months. I am trying now to figure out where and when I can travel before I leave (on Friday). Most likely, I will just travel around the east coast and midwest and then spend the month of November in Michigan. The tough thing is I sub-letted my apartment to someone for the entirety of November, so I will have to figure out where I am going to stay.

I really thought this is why people had 2 legs.
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